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Hi, my name is Peter Neilson and for the past 15 years, I have been rooted deep with every part of the automotive industry that I could get my hands on. Simply put, I am a car guy through and through. This is why I decided to use my expertise to help shops, dealers, and specialists get the most out of their business.

Do you have a product that you need to get in front of more people? Have an idea but not sure how to get the word out. No worries, I can help with that. 

Want to know more about what I can offer? Click on the link below and tell me a bit about you so we can get started on making the right changes to get your shop where it needs to be. 

"Pete has been key in helping our service writer become all she now is... the training and coaching provided from him is second to none. "
- Simmonson Automotive, Pasco, WA
"Its about being Better than you were yesterday..."
- Unknown - 
Expert In Industry:

From dealer experience, to independent shops and all the way up to major manufacturer. You can be assured that I have what it takes to know the ins and outs of your business. 

Being a line technician taught me hands on skill, attention to detail, organization and priorities. These skills translate into helping your techs become efficient in all they do with your customers vehicle.

Service management and service writing grounded me the fundamentals of how to run an effective and efficient team. Learning how to sell to the customer what their car needs to be safe and reliable, gave me the experience that was required to become an expert in sales and service.

Working for one of the largest vehicle manufacturers on the planet gave me an opportunity to grow. I was able showcase all my previous talents while allowing me to see how things are run from a larger perspective.

Now as an automotive instructor, I have stitched together everything I have done over the years. I can help any business big or small get to where they want to be through personalized and concentrated coaching. Together we can maximize profits, and minimize expenses. 

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